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BMW Electrical Service

Munich Motorsports regularly diagnoses both the most common and the most complex of BMW electrical issues to keep our customers' vehicles running in their original factory condition. Some of the most common electrical issues we resolve include: malfunctioning BMW alternators, Faulty Ignition Systems, Frayed or Loose Wiring, old or Malfunctioning Spark Plugs, Failing or failed ignition coil, Faulty BMW Engine Control Module, blown BMW fuses and replacement BMW batteries.

Working in tandem with the alternator, your car battery keeps the entire vehicle supplied with electrical power, especially when the engine is off. When a battery dies and refuses to recharge, it’s probably time for us to replace it. If you’ve never charged you BMW's battery before, wem will be able to tell you exactly how much life you still have left in your battery.

"BMW tuning is not only our specialty but our life long passion"

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