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Coming to Munich Motorsports for your BMW or Mercedes service is not just about saving money. It's about coming to a very specialized service company which will truly take the time to not only diagnose your problems, but be sure that you understand why you're having those problems and teach you how to avoid them in the future. We are servicing these vehicles because we personally own and drive them ourselves. Our passion for European automobiles is deep rooted and we care about those driving them. We possess all of the hardware and software necessary to diagnose and correct all issues your vehicle may be experiencing. Our Company began offering its services to other BMW & Mercedes enthusiasts like us in 2004.

We believe in letting our clients know first hand what is happening with their vehicles and why. At our facility you can be sure to find the absolute clearest description of what's happening with your vehicle, every time you visit.

the heart of our service center

Foad Razavi

Owner, lead service writer

Foad has over 15 years experience with the BMW brand, and has worked for numerous dealerships throughout the east coast.

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