Owner, lead service writer
15+ Years
the heart of our service center

Foad Razavi is the heart of the service center at Munich Motorsports. Everything that happens here goes through Foad's personal approval to insure that every customer receives the service they're expecting.

Foad has over 15 years experience with the BMW brand, and has worked for numerous dealerships throughout the east coast. In 2012 Foad helped to launch a BMW performance division at an independent race shop in Colorado. He crewed for a Pirelli world challenge team and was a crew chief for the Lamborghini trofeo series. Foad also has an extensve background in shifter cart racing.

Foad is most passionate about giving customers the best information and keeping customers aware of what exactly is happening with their vehicles, why certain repairs are required and what options they may have in resolving their issues.

Unlike major dealerships Foad gives his customers options of how they wish to resolve their vehicle's issues.


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There are many ways to increase performance on your new or old BMW, let us help you discover your true potential.

Performance Tires

There are a lot of cases in which people are not provided with the right tires to maximize their performance.

Performance Exhausts

We will find the absolute best exhaust system to help you reach your personal performance goals.

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